I love sales!!!

So I frequently check out a blog by a nestie (more to come about the world of nesties later) called I paid Less Than You...where she shows all her great purchases. So I thought I'd show off the great deals I've gotten in the past few weeks. This year I have been in need of new winter clothes although here in Texas we get a total of maybe (if we're lucky) 30 days of cold weather. So what better time to shop than at the after Christmas sales. The store's loss is my gain. Dad, if you're reading, do not let mom see my blog. I think she will have a heart attack since she is not a big fan of my shopping sprees.

So today I bought two jackets. Both from Victoria's Secret. I'm not sure which one I liked. Since the sale ends tomorrow I ordered both in black.

This one was originally $168
This one was originally $138

Both were marked down to $59 BUT...today they had a promo where all coats were 50% off. So all said and done each coat was only $39.95 with tax and shipping! I love E-Commerce. Ha!

I can't wait to get them.

I also have ordered a few things from New York and Company. My favorite piece is this one.

Comfiest shirt ever! And it was only $11.09 marked down from $36.
Now that I've gotten shopping out of my system (I think anyway) , it's back to saving money. Speaking of saving money, if you have an account with Chase, they currently have a program where they will double your deposits. So maybe this time next year Jason and I can take a trip to Korea. Here's to saving!

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