Help me decide...

I'm trying to decide if I want to try and grow my hair back out or keep it short. I got my hair cut back in August into the very popular bob. I kind of miss my long hair but after a while, long hair just looks like long hair and there's no difference between my long hair and somebody else's long hair. So for shock value I usually go and chop off my hair. So the fate of my hair rests in your hands. I'm leaving it up to the people (if any) that read my blog to decide which one I should go with. Here are pictures of me with long and short hair.


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I'm a 36 year old full-time student, runner and shopaholic (not necessarily in that order) mom living in the burbs surrounding the beautiful city of Austin with my husband, our very active 9 year old and our rescue dog Buddy. This blog is my little space of the internet where I let my ADD run loose and I blog about...anything.



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