Thanksgiving Update...

Well now that Thanksgiving has come and gone I thought I'd update my blog with some of the things we did during the time off.

We celebrated Thanksgiving early with J's parents and extended family out at Country Cove Cabins on Lake LBJ the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was about an hour and half drive from our house in Round Rock. The drive wasn't too bad because the route we took to get there, we usually take anyway when we go to my parents. So at least most of the drive was very familiar. We were really impressed with the cabin we stayed at. Here's some info if anybody is ever interested in renting one of the cabins.

It was a weekend full of food and being slugs. Thankfully J's mother went out of her way to make some vegetable dishes that were vegetarian friendly for me. It's amazing how people can make vegetables non vegetarian but as I have learned you can. Soups that I thought were vegetarian friendly have turned out to have chicken broth in them. So now I must ask about ingridients before I order anything. Anyway, I've always loved her dressing. I was a little sad thinking about not being able to eat her dressing this year but I encouraged her to try and make some with veggie broth. She was a little hesitant but she managed to make it. I think it tastes just as good or even better than the dressing she makes with chicken broth. :-) That dressing made my day. :-)

Here are just a few pictures of our weekend out at the cabin.

Toby wanted to come too! Hee hee. Silly cat!

We played a lot of pool while we were there. :-)

As for Thanksgiving day we just stayed at home. We didn't get to spend Thanksgiving with my parents because they had already made other plans. So we had dinner at Denny's. Then at the last minute our friends came to the house with an extra ticket for the UT and Texas A&M game so he went. Check out his seats.

He is one lucky bastard! I'm so jealous. This is the second time he got to go to this game without me. Next time we get a single ticket it'll be my turn to go solo. Ya reading this honey? :-) He said he was close enough that he could yell at the A&M players. Not that I think I would since they were in a pretty pissy and fiesty mood. You never know what they would have done. ;-)

Now it's onto Christmas. Only 23 more days! Craziness!

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