Wisdom Teeth

Today I got my wisdom teeth removed. Three hours later the pain hasn't kicked in because my idiotic oral surgeon shot me full of anesthesia THREE times after I commented TWICE that I could still feel stuff. They assured me that "Oh we'll check you before we start anything." Sure enough they didn't, they started to extract a tooth after pulling the other three and I could still feel the one tooth. So they had to give me another shot. Five minutes later and another yank, I could still feel pain. Here comes another shot. Well four hours later, I can't feel anything on my face due to the number of shots they gave me. He even said that due to the third shot I could lose muscle control of my eyelid. Wow. Never had to have that many shots. Anyway, here's a picture of me after getting my teeth pulled out. So far so good. :-) We'll see how I feel in a few hours when the shots wear off. That's if this crap ever wears off. Ugggghhhhh....

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