Thanksgiving with the Barton's

This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving a bit early and J's parent's coordinated a nice weekend get away for the whole Barton clan at some cabins out near Marble Falls, Texas. The scenery was great and the weather made it really feel like Thanksgiving.

This was my first Thanksgiving since I became a vegetarian back in March. I am so happy that my mother-in-law is so understanding about my reasons for being a vegetarian. She actually went out of her way and made me several very filling vegetarian friendly dishes. She said she was watching everybody in the kitchen very carefully that day to make sure nobody dropped in a bouillon cube into the green beans or poured chicken broth into the dressing. She actually made me my own pan of dressing because I absolutely LOVE her dressing. I know that some people are a bit torn about having a vegetarian spend the holidays with them. I kind of worried if I should bring something from home just in case there weren't enough vegetables to fill me up but J's mom made sure I had enough to eat. Plus I figured if I didn't get enough vegetables, I could easily make up for it with the desserts. :-)

Overall, I think I would enjoy to go back again but I think next time we will just go with J's parents as opposed to the whole family.

You'll have to excuse the denim on denim outfit but that jacket is so warm I couldn't not wear it. :-)

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