I'm no Martha Stewart

So I have been trying to cook more for various reasons. Well a few weeks ago I tried to make a cake. I can usually make square cakes that remain in the pans that I cook them in. However, I received a cake stand with lid as a wedding gift. So I had grand ideas of displaying my gorgeous cookies, cupcakes or cakes on that cake stand. A few months ago I was successful in transplanting the delicate cake from the cake pan to the cake stand and it look great. This time I wasn't so lucky. The cake split in two. This is the cake that resulted.

I think I've got a ways to go until I can call myself a domestic diva. Oh well. There's always next time. BTW---I used a whole tub of icing. What's the big deal you ask? Well, the nutrition information on the back of that tub said that 2 tablespoons of that stuff equals like one big mac. Needless to say Jand I both stayed far, far away from the cake.

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