Human Race

They always say that later is better than never. So even though the Human Race was back in August here are some pictures from the event. I am so glad I was able to run the race but I only wish the organizers of the event would think about doing it during a different time of the day. I don't think they took into consideration that while August in Texas is hot. Even though the start of the race was at 6:00 in the evening I think the temperature was still in the high 80s and running increases your body temperature by 20 degrees. So it was no surprise to me when my finish time was 10 minutes later than my normal runs. But I survived. I finished with a time of 1 hr:19m:04s. I was a bit disappointed because I can usually do a 4 mile run to my in-laws house in 50 minutes. For the Human Race it was 3.1 miles and I finished at the time I did but I keep telling myself that I didn't train for the amount of hills and people that I had to run with during this race. Here are a few pics.

This is Jason and me having an after race drink. :-) We went to Key Bar down the street from the starting line. Hey I figured I ran my butt off so I deserved a martini. Or two. Actually the shaker turned out to be four. :-) Mmmmmmm...I love Key Bar.

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