Yay! It's finally Friday. And as usual I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.

I'm going to dinner with some of my scrapping friends at Guerro's Taco Bar on Congress. This should be interesting because I've never gone to Guerro's. So I can't wait to try it out. I've already looked at their menu in the search for something vegetarian that I can eat.

Then tomorrow J and I are going out somewhere, that has yet to be decided, to watch the big UT vs. OU Red River Shootout football game. The Longhorns have been looking really good this season. Hopefully this is the season that they beat OU. Hook Em Horns.

Then Sunday is going to be my favorite day of the weekend. J got us tickets to see So You Think You Can Dance!!!!! I loved watching that show. Although I was a bit sad when Katie didn't win. I did like Joshua just as much though and considering he had no dancing background (or at least I don't think he did) he was awesome!!!! That is my one teeny bopper confession. I'm addicted to that show. I like it so much more than Dancing with the Stars. Stars do not need anymore exposure. I'm always for exposing the unkown talent around the world.

Well, I'm off to Guerro's where I think there's a margarita waiting for me. :-)

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