I hate snakes!

So living in Texas I am used to seeing lots of critters around the area. The one critter that I will never feel any better about though are rattle snakes. Within the last month we have had three in our office. Our boss's four year old son was here at the office and found the first one. He came bolting out of the conference room screaming. At the time we didn't think it was a rattler. So I don't think we killed it. Then this week Danny, on of my co-workers was here late and heard a rattling in the conference room. He thought it was the A/C unit but then when he looked down he realized that it was 3 foot long rattlesnake. I didn't know about that incident until the next morning when Michelle, another co-worker, told me about Danny's encounter the night before. She said he screamed like a girl. So we get to the office and what do we find in the conference room? We find a little tiny snake. At first we thought Danny was trying to play a joke on us because he is known to be quite a prankster. So we left the snake there for our boss to find. Maybe we can get him to scream like a girl too. So about an hour later I went to the restroom next to the conference room and when I came out of the bathroom I screamed because I realized that the snake wasn't a fake and it definately wasn't dead because it was wrapping itself around the door frame of the conference room. Our office has no equipment to handle snakes so I ended up having to grab it with some kitchen tongs and take it outside. We are now just a bit freaked out here in the office. We've always seen snakes outside the building but we've never had so many problems with them coming inside. I feel like quite the rattlesnake wrangler. :-) Here's a picture of the little bugger.

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