The Election

With the early voting underway and less than a month left until the United States gets a new president, it annoys me to no end to read news articles and commentary about which candidate a news organization "endorses". Why does this bother me you ask? Because, I love writing. I wrote for my school newspaper back in high school and am working towards obtaining my degree in mass communications. One of the rules of journalism is to remain unbiased when reporting. I remember attending a convention in high school and was told that it was inappropriate for staff writers to even have bumper stickers on their vehicles declaring who they supported, because that sticker could be deemed as a means to sway the public. So what changed? Has that rule suddenly gone out the window? I hate the route that journalism has taken. I guess I can only take comfort in the idea that if and when I become a journalist, I will practice the rules of olden days and remain unbiased in the reporting of news to the masses, despite the current trend. I just wish the rest of the profession would do the same.

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